gracht (gracht) wrote,

Moonstone's Progress

Moonstone's face still swollen so went to get cat basket to take him to vet. I swear, that cat is psychic. Came back with basket and he had disappearred from his bed and no amount of calling brought him forth. He only came forth from his still unknown hiding place after hours as if he knew when the vet would be shut. Still he is eating OK, walking OK, grooming OK etc so I will just have to hope the swelling will be over soon altho' ould have been happier if I had managed to get some anti-biotics into his immume system. He's a tough little fighter though alhough he does let his big brother, Gandalf, (the white) boss him about too much. Two retired land girls are coming for their tea tonight. One old gal just turned 90 but still as sharp as a tack and knows the history of everyone hereabouts. Charlie, her son says the UK could save billions by scrapping MI5 and just employing his mom. Peggy worked a farm as a land girl during the war, ploughed fields, dug, grew crops, sheared sheep, and remembers the winter of 1945 being the worst winter in a century when sheep and horses would freeze to death if not taken inside. Very hard times and hearing the bombs explode further up river and watching the city brn, never knowing if she was watching friends and family dying. So looking forward to hearing more old war stories first hand tonight before these frailer voices but still indomitable, are stilled.  My Mom can still remember as a youngster sheltering from Luftwaffe bombs, and running out of the shelter to find her kitten. Then she, my gran (who ran after her) and the kitten sheltered under the kitchen table til the raid was over. She remembers dead neighbours' bodies in the bombed streets and 'Yanks' giving her sweets and fruit. She tried to eat a banana, unpeeled, til the US soldier, laughing, showed her how to take off the skin. Would I run out into an air raid to save a cat? Well, let's see.... 
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