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The great cat saga continues. Moonstone came home last night with a really badly bitten face and I could not believe it, but it was in exactly the same spot as the bite he received two nights ago! This time there was blood, easily seen on his white fur.A Lot of Blood. It was at 11.30 p.m. so I could not call the island's only vet. Cleaned th wound up as best we could (patient not happy) and disinfected the two fang wounds with Sudocream, for nappie rash. If it is safe for baby bums, it must be OK for a cat's head, you think? Wound just over his left eye and if any lower, we would have a one eyed cat. So the vet opens at 9 a.m. for a half hour surgery. I checked book. Plan was, block off the cat flap last night so he and the other critters stay in tonight then high tail it to vet's pronto in morning. The best laid plans.... Got up to find Cuilean had pushed the box out of the way and Moonstone had lit out. So that was that, I thought. Then at 9.10a.m. Moonstone puts in his usual breakfast appearance, wanting fed. I called Malcolm, the vet, and he said he was in doing ops this morning and bring him in asap, which we did. Raced over with him in his basket, wrapped up in 4 baby blankets, and yowling the whole way. He hates car rides and boy did he let us know. Thankfully he does not need any stitches but he was cleaned up again, his face fur trimmed and more cream put on the wounds. Plus a big painkiller and a strong anti-biotics dose. Then home to a treat of fresh roast chicken. He's up stairs on my bed sleeping it off now. Poor little guy. Looks beat up. Anyway we are all leaving him in peace. Malcolm said it was definitely another cat but a big one, possibly even a wild cat. I mean, a REAL Scottish wild cat. That would be bad news as they are very territorial and vicious, if crossed, i.e. they will fight to kill (like bald Shane in Walking Dead) and Moonstone is very Rick Grimes in nature,he just never knows when he is beat. So this is quite a problem. Anyway neither cat is going to be allowed out tonight and let's hope that our night time stalker was 'just passing through'.    

On happier note, tea went well last night, but Peggy & Janet are both pretty done. Both in their nineties and both still live alone. Peggy woud have fallen three times if I had not taken her arm up the drive. Great stories though, of the two of them as young girls during the Second World War, having to get up at 4 a.m. to milk cows then herd 50 stirks (young highland cattle) 23 miles from one town to another on their own. Also reminisced about a Mary, who never went to Church (very brave in those days, for here) but who could fell a tree quicker and fix any car better than any man left on the island. She was killed in the Clydebank blitz, towards the end of the war, she went home to visit her Gran. Only allowed home once every six months, so really unlucky. Her Gran died too. Whole street blown up.   
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