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Moonstone OK Folks

Fingers crossed, whatever was fighting Moonstone seems to have caught the stage out of Dodge. Moonstone fine and back to his truculent best, if a little bald on one side... Weather is getting colder by the day. 'Winter is Coming.' Mom is knitting me an Aran jumper. Now I know how the Weasleys felt. The last jumper she knit me was a Norwegian Laplander multi-coloured affair with matching hat. She kept asking me why I never wore them. I did, once, it silenced the whole pub...  Swallows have high tailed it back to South Africa. Lucky wee bastards. Have started filling up the bird feeders for the plucky ones brave enough to tough it out here. God, I miss Spain's sun. Starting a 'Return to Capileira' fund. Eilidh will love it there. Must take her after her exams. No wonder so many Brits sell up and move to Spain permanently. However I would rather stick pins in my eyes or train cobras than live surrounded by expat Brits in say, the Costa Del Sol.  I would like to live anonymously in old rural Spain. Oh, to  be able to visit the Alhambra whenever I wanted. Learn Spanish. Maybe speak to.. (well I know who) again one day.... Still on my mind. Dream the impossible dream.  
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