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The End Is Nigh

Met a weird old man recently. A neighbouring house had lots of old furniture to be removed so the house could be 'dressed' for marketing. To cut a long story short, I arranged to let this man into the house to collect various items. He arrived quite late and with a large young German shepherd. I love dogs and this one had a sweet temper. I helped the guy load up his jeep but then he clearly wanted to talk. His wife had died last year and he had had to nurse her for 13 years. Very sad. He seemed lonely as he did want to talk quite a lot so given the subject matter I was happy enough to hear him out. However it was then getting late (about an hour later) and when I started  to make noises about getting home to the kids, he started off at a tangent about how he thought the world was going to end in December. Not that whole Mayan thing? According to, let's call him John, according to John, not the whole world but most people in it will die on or around 21 December. Great I said, I don't have to worry about Christmas presents this year. Who though is going to die and from what? He moved here to get away from the big cities where it will start. What will start? Some kind of bug he said. Too much Walking Dead I thought then he really went off the richter scale of odd when he calmly advised me that he communicates with the virgin mary through the morning star and the world is inhabited with other beings. They are all leaving before the 'event'. What other beings and where are they going? Well I felt really sorry for the old guy as he seemed to believe all this but it was also quite unsettling too. I know nothing about John or where he comes from. He's English and his sister lives close by. He said he always has a dog because they warn you and are good judges of character. So I wrapped things up fairly quickly after that. Now it transpires he has struck up a friendship with one of my friend's sisters. I explained my conversation to her. But is it just a colourful new character or something more sinister? You know, if you think you are talking to the Virgin Mary, you must need prescription medicine? I'm sure she (VM) would not speak modern English but some form of Sumerian Hebrew.

'Se cyning ferth to Readingum'. That's Anglo Saxon for 'The King went to Reading' which will come in handy if I am ever stopped by an Anglo Saxon and asked, 'Where's the King?'  That's all the Anglo saxon I remember from my English lit degree.

Wedding on mainland on Saturday. Leaving 10 a.m. for ferry. We've arranged three self-catering accommodation from the laird 12 of us [plus 4 dogs 2 labs, 1 Jack Russell & 1 Keeshond - the cats have to fend for themselves for two nights they have their own cat flap & heated beds - and will of course leave out extra food & water - and Freddie & Assja  neighbours from Switzerland will check on them ]. The laird's three cottages are not far from from the wedding designation and the evening reception (on the shores of the Loch). Really looking forward to it. Storm blowing in from North tho'. Apparently Sandy which gutted NY headed up North then took a right and is heading straight for us plus snow. Great. Oh I'll tak the high road and you tak the low....
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