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NFL enquiries continue...

Spoke to Phil who, amongst other things, like 'Katie Morag delivers the mail' around here. Phil was delighted to indulge me in my football enquiries and confirmed he was a football pro and played in Canada for Toronto Argonauts ("way back when Noah was a boy") amongst whole lot of other teams with weird football names. Phil played against Warren Moon in the Grey Cup (Canada's superbowl) and Moon is now in USA's Hall of Fame, says Phil. Phil was once considered by the Patriots. "So is it hard to learn the rules" I asked Phil this morning? Solemn nods ensued, along with emphatic, 'Oh yes. In the huddles...' ('Cute,' I interjected, 'rhymes with cuddles', which illicted a blank stare from Phil the Hound would have been proud of), who proceeded, 'In the huddles some guy decides on the 'plays'. Plays are listed in a big book; big enough to 'choke a horse'. Excellent!  Pretty cool to learn this from such an erudite source. Must find out more. e.g. must ask Phil what a 'sacking' is. I imagine it is NOT a man running onto the field and putting a player into a sack so that he has to hop around the field in a sack for the rest of the game?
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