the red wedding

Moonstone's face still swollen

Had a great birthday lunch yesterday but really worried about Moonstone's swollen face which has not reduced any. So taking him to the vet this afternoon. I sure hope it is nothing too serious but he is just not himself and may need antibiotics. He will be a very grumpy little guy, as he hates going in his basket and he hates leaving his comfort zone. Fingers crossed.  

Loved latest Homeland episode on Channel 4, last night, Series 2 episode 2. (Reading over my last post, just want to clarify that I do NOT equate the talented writers of this series with the propaganda leaders of Nazi Germany). 

The little girl, Malala, aged 14, who was shot in the head by the taliban (and miraculously has not died) in Pakistan for going to school is coming to UK for treatment. She is going to the UK hospital which takes injured soldiers as they know most about ballistic injuries. Very brave little girl.   
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the red wedding

Moonstone fighting again

Just been informed 12 folk coming over for lunch tomorrow and there's just pizza in the house. Janis is baking me a name day cake which is great. Moonstone just came home, sodden and had a swollen face on one side. I think he has either fallen out with Freddie's cat (again) or had another stand-off with a badger (again). Anyway, fed him, dried him off, put the fluffy dressing gown on the bed for him and put on the electric blanket so he is snug and sleeping. No blood. There's plenty of booze in house for guests tomorrow but I procrastinated all day about working and now tomorrow has been hijacked. Looking forward to Homeland Season 2, Show 2 tomorrow night. I bet by Series 3, Brody ends up as President then gets assassinated by Carrie before he's sworn in, in a manner which will echo another Presidential assassination (and I don't mean Lincoln). Carrie will say I'm just the patsy before she too is shot in her turn and it will end with us all wondering who shot Carrie, probably someone we have not met yet. Stepping back just a little from Homeland, per se, I do appreciate it is just a tv show and extremely good entertainment but does it not glamourize these threats or ludicrously exaggerate their threat level to the West, which does not actually exist in the real world? Does it not simply add weight to the fear factor lobby so that we, the West, become ever more fearful so that those put by us in places of supreme privilege get to do things they could not do, if we were not so scared all the time. Nazi Germany had propaganda down to a 't' creating arch villains out of 'Jews', 'Poles' etc. to frighten their people that they were under threat and had to act to save Germany and behind this smokescreen of lies and propaganda carried out their own warped agendas. So I will continue to thoroughly enjoy 'Homeland' but I will, like all things I read and watch, take it with a huge dose of sardonic salt. Yes, Sol has an Indian wife, but is that not simply paying lip service to NOT demonizing certain ethnic types. Remember there were no weapons of mass destruction in Saddam Hussein's Iraq. We have nothing to fear but fear itself is a slogan from the Second World War but it never rang more true than it does today. Caught just the end of a Twilight Zone show tonight where an innocent jailbird plays a piano which takes him back in time to freedom and George R R Martin's name appeared in the end credits. Excellent.
the red wedding

Raiders of the Lost Mushroom

Evelyn & Robin made unexpected arrival, they sailed down from Skye and stopped over on their way to Robin's dad. Gave Robin RNLI guernsey and drove them back to slipway as weather deteriorated after 11 p.m. Shone headlights on slipway & stayed 'til lights from yacht signalled all aboard. Pretty stormy. Nearly fell asleep at wheel on journey home but Cuilean sang out of tune to keep me awake. Presented with large ceramic mushroom for birthday pressie. Will do dishes in morning. Hot toddy before bed.